Booming property market benefiting other sectors

The buoyant property market in Singapore has benefited not only the developers but also for related sectors such as renovation and interior designers companies.

In a report by TodayOnline, interior design firm SuMisura is one such firm that has seen higher sales on the back of a property boom. The company performs design work for show flats and said such projects has boosted the firm’s sales by 15 per cent last year.

While projects from developers accounted for 70 per cent of last year’s revenue, the company added that the remaining 30 per cent consisted of individual customers who were inspired by their visits to the show flats it had designed.

“Once they see that and they feel it, and after buying the unit, they would want to come back to the very same interior designer to create that dream,” SuMisura director Angela Lim said. “We get a fair bit of spin-offs from doing show flats. They call us and ask us to do up their flats, whether new or old.”

Hermes, a Paris-based luxury designer has also joined in the action. They have worked with high-end developer SC Global to design the interiors of an apartment at The Marq on Paterson Hill.

General manager for Hermes Home Division, Ms Helene Dubrule said: “We will have plenty of projects in Singapore. We have a beautiful store in Liat Towers which will be renovated in the next few years … There is a very strong interest from Asian customers here.”

Another company benefiting is Kitchen Culture, whose mission is to create well-designed and highly functional kitchens.

Fitting residential projects with trendy kitchens make up more than 50 per cent of Kitchen Culture’s business.

The company said in the first four months of this year, it has clinched S$11 million worth of projects to supply property developers with kitchens in homes in Singapore and Malaysia.

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