Benefits of real estate partnerships

Your buyer with your help found the perfect home, succeeded on the offer, and closing is just weeks away. Financing, moving and post-sale renovations are next on the buyer’s to-do list. Do you have a list of resources that makes it easy for your buyer to sign the contract or is your buyer left busy scouring the yellow pages for help?

Building a strong list of local, reliable partners brings confidence to your buyers, and is a powerful marketing and networking tool for you. A good real estate agent will not only know the market value of price per square foot, but will also be able to refer names of qualified lenders, lawyers, movers and handymen.

Building Your List

Establishing a list of reliable partners is not a one-day activity. It evolves over time, and experience working with each partner is critical in assessing the quality and value-add for your clients. Key partners to include in your go-to list are:

  • Bankers

  • Lawyers

  • Movers

  • Handymen and General Contractors (electrical, plumbing, masonry, painting and roofing)

Make sure contact information such as email, phone and website address is updated. A dead-end contact can diminish your clients’ trust in your guidance. Let your partners know they are on your list. This awareness helps them anticipate future business, and also lets them know you are collaborating so they may at times reciprocate the referral. A steady stream of referrals may even result in discounts and special offers for your clients.

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