Before you chop down a tree…

1 Do I need to seek NParks’ approval if I want to remove a tree in my garden?

Approval from the National Parks Board (NParks) is needed only if the tree is within one of the two tree conservation areas, or has been deemed a heritage tree. You can call NParks’ helpline on 1800-4717300. If necessary, officers will pay you a visit to inspect the trees.

2 Do private developers need to seek NParks’ approval to remove trees if they wish to develop a plot of land?

Only if the land is within a tree conservation area or has heritage trees.

Private developers must engage a registered architect or professional engineer to submit their proposed layout plans to NParks. These would include the number of trees, tree species, girth and height. The trees to be removed are required to be marked on the plans for NParks’ approval.

3 Does NParks conduct tree pruning or tree removal services for private homes?

No. Residents can get an arborist to do this. A list of aborists certified by the International Society of Arboriculture can be found at

Source : NParks

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