A young Singaporean’s housing dilemma

In October last year, my fiance and I balloted for a flat at Telok Blangah Towers.

There were more than 7,000 applicants for the 210 four-room units. We went to see his MP for West Coast GRC (my fiance lives one street away from the new development) and voiced our concerns.

The MP helped us with a letter to the Housing and Development Board (HDB) stating that the both of us live within 2km of the development, and to look into our application as we really want to live near our parents.

Twice, the HDB wrote back with the reply that they could not help us, and suggested that we buy a resale flat.

When the balloting results for the Build-To-Order flats were released on Wednesday, I was devastated at my queue number – 3,539. This effectively means that my fiance and I have zero chance of getting a flat directly from the HDB.

Does the HDB really know the situation we young Singaporeans are facing?

If we had cash at hand, we would have bought a resale flat or private property. How can we get a flat directly from the HDB?

Source : Weekend Today – 5 Jan 2008

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