8 sites in Land Sales programme for first half of 2010

The government has reinstated the confirmed list for its Land Sales or GLS programme.

The confirmed list for the first half of next year consists of eight residential sites.

They include two executive condominium sites.

The eight confirmed list sites comprise four new sites and four sites carried over from the second half land sales programme for this year.

The National Development Ministry said these sites can potentially yield about 2,925 residential units.

The reserve list will have 16 residential sites including three EC sites, and two mixed use sites where private residential units can potentially be built.

Of the 18 sites, six are new sites and 12 sites will be carried over from the second half GLS for 2009.

In total, these 18 sites can yield about 7,625 private residential units.

All sites under the confirmed and reserve lists are located outside the central region or in locations in the rest of central region where more affordable private housing are expected to be built.

The National Development Ministry said they will therefore provide additional supply of more affordable private housing.

A site on the reserve list is triggered when a developer expresses his interest in the site with a bid which is acceptable to the government.

Source : Channel NewsAsia – 6 Nov 2009

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