7 secret ways to attract serious buyers to your landed property

Selling a landed property can be a time-taking and challenging process. Finding the potential buyer can often be tricky as some people only show up to see the place with no intention of buying it. If you are relocating for a better job or want to buy a house, you will want to make the house-selling process quicker. Other than getting your house maintenance done by Easefix, here are seven ways to attract serious buyers to your home and make the process easier:

Focus on Beautification of the Garden

The exterior of your house is the first thing that attracts the customer. Very few people are likely to stop by if you have put up a place for-sale board in your boring driveway. However, customers will gladly pay a visit if you have an amazing, well-planted and colorful garden. Even if you are uploading pictures of your house online, the garden can become the highlight. It can be a hot-selling feature of your home.

Be Realistic with Price

Since it’s the digital world, we all prefer selling a house online. What makes a customer visit a home they saw online, or what even makes them shortlist it? It is the price! It would help if you kept the pricing realistic; it should neither be too high to drive the customer away nor too low to make them doubt the authenticity of your ad. Compare homes in the neighborhood and set a reasonable price for your home to attract potential customers.

Reorganizing and Renovating the House

When trying to sell a house, you need to bring it to its best form. The place’s physical appearance makes the selling process quicker than at a good price. Declutter your home and get rid of everything that makes the place shabby. Focus more on having a generalized interior rather than personalized touch. For example, replacing the old wallpaper with a fresh coat of paint will work well. Work on enhancing the overall look of your house before putting it up for sale.

Look for the Repairs

Even one loose tile can make the buyer lose interest in buying the house. Look for the parts of the house that need repairing before you welcome the buyer to your place. Make sure all the taps in the kitchen or bathroom are working. The ceiling is well-protected and has no leakage. From major to minor details, replace everything that is not working. Spending a few bucks on maintenance will lead to increased house prices.

Making the Deal Attractive

Nothing attracts customers more than having additional financial benefits in the deal. You can offer to pay the closing cost for the customer. Being open to a house inspection or agreeing to make the changes that a serious buyer want will help you close the deal quickly and easily.

Putting the Ad Online the Right Way

Ambiguous misleading ads are indeed a turn-off for customers. We all know the online market is the best place to sell your home quickly, but you must know how to do it right. List all the features and specifications of the house honestly—post clear pictures of your house in an ad. You can also mention the nearby amenities such as medical and education facilities to help the customers decide if they should consider buying the place or not.

Hiring a Professional Agent

If you have a full-time job, you cannot be everywhere. Selling a house requires you to be always available. Hiring an experienced and professional agent to sell your home is always recommended. Other than having a profound experience in the field, they are always available to show the house, which is what a customer wants.

You can make the house-selling process more manageable by following these easy tips. Knowing your customers and making things work accordingly is the key!

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