5 self-help tips to impress potential homebuyers

Some people might suggest that first impressions do not last forever, but that does not apply to real estate. It’s the first glance and first tour of the house that attracts the buyers and makes them fall in love with the place. If you impress your buyer the first time, your struggle to sell the home can come to an end instantly. Moreover, according to the our partner realtors Oakland CA,making some adjustments can help close the deal near the cost you expect.

Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to spend a hefty amount to renovate your house; rather, making minor changes can make a more significant difference. Here are five amazing tips for sellers to make the buyers feel at home the moment they enter the house:

Declutter and Clean

Cleanliness and do wonders for your home and can completely transform its looks. If you are opening your house for visitors while living there, make sure to present it in the best state. Get rid of all the unnecessary things that can make the place look small and congested. Keep the countertops, doors front, and other flat places empty to amplify the look. Make sure to keep the walls and floor clean because they might turn off the buyers.

Keeping the House’s Temperature Maintained

Your aim is to create a welcoming place for the buyers. Temperature adjustment plays a crucial role in making a good first impression on the buyers. Turn the air conditioning on if it is hot outside, or open the windows if it’s breezy. The buyers should know that your home is a comfy zone against harsh weather conditions. Make them feel refreshed as they enter the house.

Brighten Your Home, Remove Distractions

Bright places have an amicable and pleasing environment. They can instantly elevate your mood and spirit when you enter them. Likewise, keep your house well-lit when buyers are paying a visit. Turn on all the lights and lamps if you enjoy daylight more open all the curtains. If you are showing your house when it is dark outside, make sure your place looks inviting from afar. Turn off the TV or music because the visitors might find it distracting and will keep them from looking at the house thoroughly, and they might not enjoy their visit.

Do not Miss out on the Additional Information

You just get a few minutes to inspire and convince the buyer to differentiate your house from the other potential options. Prepare beforehand what you should be sharing with them. For example, if you have an antique chandelier in your living room or a classic painting, it would be great to mention it. If your house has some specialized security system, you can always talk about it as a distinguishing feature. Place ‘not included in sale’ cards thoughtfully because those things attract the buyers the most. You can use that item to your advantage when it comes to the negotiation phase.

Offer Some Refreshments

For open houses, if you want the visitors to stay a little longer and notice more details, top off their visit with some food. It could be some basic refreshment but make sure to present it well. You can set up a buffet table with muffins, sandwiches, and juices. It will not just symbolize your hospitality but will also make the buyer feel welcomed at a new place and make it more likable.

Buying a home is not easy as most people spend a lifetime of their investment doing so. If you want to impress potential buyers, you need to be prepared to attract them. 

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