1,600 families benefit from rental scheme

Since the Interim Rental Housing (IRH) scheme was introduced in January 2009, about 1,600 families have benefited from it, said Senior Parliamentary Secretary of the Ministry of National Development, Dr Mohamad Maliki Osman.

Of these, about 430 families have moved out of the IRH scheme into longer-term living arrangements, such as public rental flats.

Another 430 families will be moving to home-ownership flats when their new units are ready.

The IRH scheme was introduced to help families in financial difficulties with temporary accommodation while they worked out more permanent housing solutions.

On average, a family stays in the IRH scheme for about six months, said Dr Maliki.

As stable employment is key to improving the financial situation of these families, the relevant social agencies are helping them in their efforts to seek employment or upgrade their skills.

Families facing relationship disputes are referred to family service centres for counselling.

Source : Today – 1 Mar 2011

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